Exhibitions & Events

Low Tide.  Coleman Project Space, London.  1 Nov-2 Dec.  Solo show.

Rotations.  Saloni Projects, London.  4 Oct-15 Nov 2019.  Solo show.

Amalgamation.  Cello Factory, London.  18-27 Oct 2019.  Group show.

Object Meditation.  After Nyne Gallery, London.  4-19 Oct 2019.  Group show.

Open Construction.  A Saturation Point exhibition at Eastbury Manor, Barking, London.  14-31 March 2019.  Group show.

Uptwist Downtwist.  Ty Pawb, Wrexham, Wales.  22 Feb-21 April 2019.  Group show.

Harder Edge.  Saatchi Gallery, London.  13 Dec 2018-14 Jan 2019.  Group show.

Push and Pull.  Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth.  22 June-16 Sept 2018.
Solo show 

Between Things, The Minories Galleries, Colchester, Essex. 2017.
Group show.

Creekside Open. APT Gallery. London. 2015.  Group show.

Two showers.  Supernormal, Oxfordshire.  2014. Arts festival.

Grand Magasin.  French Riviera Gallery.  London.  2013.  Group show.

Two showers.  Supernormal Festival.  Braziers Park.  2013.  Installation.

Swing Harmonograph.  Kunstvlaai,  Amsterdam.  2012.  Arts festival.

Members Show.  Outpost Gallery, Norwich.  2012.  Group show.

Swing Time.  Studio 1.1, London.  2012.  Solo show.

Les Televisions.  French Riviera, London.  2011.  Group show.

Exhaustion and Exhuberance.  Eastside Projects, Birmingham.  2011.  Installation.

Working Title.  Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth.  2011.  Residency and group show.

Shelter with balls.  Supernormal.  Braziers Park.  2011.  Installation.

Everything.  Studio 1.2, Haarlem, Netherlands.  2011.  Solo show.

Small Scale Survival.  Aid & Abet.  Cambridge.  2011.  Group show.

Anything.  Festival Cement.  Maastricht, Netherlands.  2011.  Solo show for perfomance by Cees Krijnen.

Two Pavillions.  Supernormal.  Braziers Park.  2010.  Installation.

Jetty.  The Boathouse.  Port Eliot Festival.  2010.  Installation.

Dorm.  The Model,  Sligo, Ireland.  2010.  Group show.

The Bird Scarer.  Piggotts Farm, Essex.  2010.  Installation.

No Soul For Sale.  Tate Modern, London.  2010.  Group show.

Institute for objective measurement.  August Art.  2009.  Group show

Combine.  Studio 1.1, London.  2009.  Solo show

The Silo.  Piggotts Farm, Essex.  2009.  Collaborative project with Tom Ellis.

A Pair of Fires.  Port Eliot Festival. Cornwall.  2009.  Performance.

An inquiry into (the/a/-) disruption of creativity.  Waterside Project Space, London.  2009.  Group show.

Survey.  Standpoint Gallery, London.  2009.  Group show.

Columbo.  Coleman Projects, London.  2008.  Solo show.

Wheelbarrow Piano.  Pallas Contemporary Projects, Dublin, Ireland.  2008.  Solo show.

The Hot Chocolate Machine.  Zhongdian, Yunnan, China.   2007.  Performance.

Flying Bike.  Golden Dragon Street Studios, Zhongdian, Yunnan, China.  2007.  Installation.

Sausage Trees.  Coleman Project Space, London.  2007.  Perfomance.

The Shampoo.  Studio 1.1, London.  2007.  Solo show.

The Boring English Countryside.  August Art, London.   2007.  Group show.

Ten at One.  Forster Gallery, London.  2007.  Group show.

Mixed Pickles – Overloaded.  K3 Project Space, Zurich.  2006.  Group show.

Grotto.  Studio 1.1, London.  2007.  Group show.

Make Believe.  Shillam+Smith, London.  2006.  Group show.

Supertankers.  August Art, London.  2006.  Solo show.

Grotto II.  Jessica Murray Projects, Brooklyn, USA.  2004.  Group show.

Projects.  Rosy Wilde Gallery, London.  2004.  Solo show.

Ergo thus.  Martinez Gallery, Brooklyn, USA.  2003.  Group show.

Chockerfuckingblocked.  Jeffrey Charles Gallery, London.  2003.  Group show.

Balmy Daze.  Houldsworth, London.  2002.  Group show.

Out of Place.  Bury St Edmunds Art Gallery.  2002.  Group show.

Food Hall.  Houldsworth, London.  2001. Group show.

JUST.  SOAP Gallery, Kokura, Kitakyushu-shi, Japan.  1998. Solo show.

Awards, Residencies & Fellowships

Arts Council England.  DYCP funding award for studio research.  June 2018-June 2019.

Artist in Residence, Supernormal Festival, Oxfordshire.  2010-2014.

Working Title Residency.  Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth.  2011.

Artist in Residence, Coleman Project Space, London.  2008.

Arts Council England International Artists Fellowship,
initiated by Braziers International Artists Workshop.
Lijiang Studios/Golden Dragon Street Studios, Zhongdian,
Yunnan Province, China.  Residency.  2007.

Braziers International Artists Workshop. Braziers Park, Oxfordshire.  2006.


Manchester Metropolitan University: 1994 -1997. BA(Hons) Fine Art (Sculpture).